SAUTER Conception

SAUTER Conception

Development, production, sales and technical support from one hand

  • High application safety owing to a fully developed construction
  • Individual adaptation to the respective tractor type
  • Durable value conservation owing to an optimum adjustment to the tractor design
  • Easy mounting due to complete kits and best suitability
  • Many uses owing to a compact design and a sophisticated kinematic mechanism
  • Maximum angle of turn and ground clearance of the tractor are maintained
  • Individual range of Options for the extension of the ranges of application
  • Today’s right decision for the demands of tomorrow

SAUTER Front Linkage

A name known in agriculture

  • Matching power introduction into the tractor structure
  • Two double-acting cylinders with hardened and hard-chrome plated piston rods
  • Straight-through lifting power transmission (see technical data)
  • The strong lower links are removable without any tools and easily pivotable upwards
  • A generously dimensioned float adapter, which can be easily locked, makes for optimum adjustment to surface conditions for all front-end implements
  • Cast support of lower links unites stability with good shape
  • Reversing valve with the following functions:
  1. Single-acting
  2. Double-acting
    (for implements requiring lifting and pressing)
  3. Locking of lifting and lowering
    (safe transport, no unintended lowering of the front-end implement possible)
  4. With integrated reducing throttle on request
  • Optional: Reversing switch with the following advantages:
  1. Higher safety
  2. Minimizing the probability of operating errors on the front linkage and remote outlet at the rear
  3. Three switch positions:
    front linkage – blocked – remote outlet at the rear
  4. Integrated reversing valve double-acting / single-acting
  5. Sensor-controlled switch positions of front control
  6. Easy and ergonomic use from inside the cab
  7. Compact mounting form
  • Integrated shunt coupling in favorable position
  • All points of rotation can be lubricated, long-life slide bearings
  • Walterscheid catch hooks


Many years of experience and application

  • Gear with its own oil-pressure supply and therefore independent from the hydraulic system of the tractor
  • Multiple-disc clutch runs noiselessly in an oil bath
  • Smooth start-up characteristics for all front-end implements
  • Switch-on and -off by a push-button
  • Easy coupling due to a PTO end which can be manually turned
  • Easy and time-saving assembly, retrofitting without any problems
  • Economic front PTO on request