SAUTER Conception

Development, production, sale and technical support from one hand

High application safety owing to a fully developed construction
Individual adaptation to the respective tractor type
Durable value conservation owing to an optimum adjustment
to the tractor design
Easy mounting due to complete kits and best suitability
Many uses owing to a compact design and
a sophisticated kinematic mechanism
Maximum angle of turn and ground clearance of the tractor are maintained
Individual range of accessories for the extension of the ranges of application

SAUTER Front linkage

A name known in agriculture

Matching load transmission into the tractor structure
Two double-acting cylinders with hardened and hard-chrome plated piston rods
Straight-through lifting power transmission (see technical data)
The strong bottom links are removable without any tools
and easily pivotable upwards
A generously dimensioned float adapter which can be easily locked, makes for optimum adjustment to surface conditions of all front-end implements
Cast support of bottom links unites stability with good shape
Reversing valve with the following functions:


Double-acting (for implements requiring lifting and pressing)
Lifting and lowering, locking (safe transport, no unintended lowering of the front-end implements possible)
With integrated reducing throttle on request
Integrated shunt coupling in favourable position
All points of rotation can be lubricated, long-life slide bearings
Walterscheid catch hooks


Many years of experience and application

Gear with its own oil-pressure supply and therefore independent from the hydraulic system of the tractor
Multiple-disc clutch runs noiselessly in an oil bath
Adaptation of the gear ratio to the rear PTO
Smooth start-up characteristics for all front-end implements
Switch-on and -off by a push-button
Easy coupling due to a PTO end which can be manually turned
Easy and time-saving assembly, retrofitting without any problems
Economic front PTO i=1,63 on request

All details given and illustrations herein are approximate and not binding. Subject to modifications.